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One route to more happiness is called “flow”, an engrossing state that comes during creative or playful activity, psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has found. Athletes, musicians, writers, gamers, and religious adherents know the feeling. It comes less from what you’re doing than from how you do it.

Here are 5 examples of musicians engaging in playful activity with their instruments and with each other 🙂 Do you also find their flow inviting? One just can’t help being swept up in the sweet optimism of the pieces they’re playing.

La vie en rose
Salut d’Amour
The flower duet
Songs my mother taught me

I hope you enjoyed listening to my Little Lustre List: most of these pieces, by the way – are on our repertoire list. Mental note: I must find the sheet music for the Dvořák, it’s gorgeous isn’t it!

Which favourite piece or group of players always hits the spot for you? Do tell!

Take care🍓

from Christina & Co

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